I am Colleen and I photograph love. It is as simple as that. Crazy, chaotic family love. Rich, magical wedding love. Sweet and delicious newborn love. 

I believe that perfection is boring and pointless. I am no where near perfect. Real life is messy, sticky and full of unexpected joy and beauty. I like to find those moments in my photography. 

I also believe in soul. Photos that transcend time where you get a glimpse into the persons soul take my breath away. Oh please let me take those photos. 

I have been taking photos and craving beautiful, meaningful work more or less since I was a child. I started as a business in 2010 and have been fumbling through since then. 

My silly boys, my husband of style, books and articles that teach me a thing or two, my creative and wise friends, my crazy extended family, my almost daily exercise and yoga practice, travel to exotic lands, music of all styles (more pop music than I care for), horses on a hill, magnolias blooming, and funny people on TV all make up a part of who I am. 

Are you someone who believes that creativity can be found in everything you do from how you organize your desk to the witty post you put on Facebook, who believes that  a strand of fairy lights makes anything super cute, and who believes that kindness is a way of life than shoot me an email. I bet we can make some photography magic together. 

Please send me a note and I will call or email back. 

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