Family Sessions & Other Portraits

Hello There.....I am Colleen and I photograph families that laugh  and give big sweet hugs to each other,  who aren't afraid of mismatched socks and messy hair and believe that families aren't about perfection but about celebrating our uniqueness and enjoying the adventure. 

If you are someone who might ride on a rope swing over a warm river, is always searching for just the right shade of red lipstick, and wants to skip the small talk than I just might be the photographer for you!

Here are a couple options....

Mini Portrait Session (20 minutes)- $550

A 20 minute quick and easy portrait session. Perfect for anyone just looking for a handful of shots. Ideally, I can just meet you at your house just to make it that much easier. Session DOES INCLUDE 10-15  digital images. Will travel 15 miles for free from Mill Valley, CA. 

Portrait Session  - $950

This is for the people who know what they want and just want it to be easy! The portrait session includes up to 8 people for up to 90 minutes at a location or two  of your choice (travel free within 25 miles of Mill Valley ,CA). Normal sessions times are about an hour. Included are 50-75 high resolution digital images for you to do whatever you please.  Images will be posted online for easy viewing and sharing with friends and family.   $350 holds the date and the entire $950 needs to be paid by the day of the session. You will also receive a 30% discount offer to use within 15 days to purchase prints. 

Portrait Session a la carte - Sitting Fee $350

If you are a little unsure of going all in or you are looking to get more prints than digitals this is another option. The portrait session includes up to 8 people for up to 90 minutes at a location or two  of your choice (travel free within 25 miles of Mill Valley ,CA). Normal sessions times are about an hour. All prints and digital image files are NOT included in the sitting fee.  Proof images are posted online for easy viewing and sharing with friends and family. You should expect about 50-75 images in the session.  $350 is required to hold the date. 

You will receive a 30% discount offer to use within 15 days of receipt.

Print Prices (retouched if needed by me)

  1. 4x6  - $24
  2. 5x7  - $30
  3. 8x10 - $40
  4. 11x14 - $90
  5. 16x20 - $150

Digital Files

$1500 for all high resolutions files with full permission to share, get prints, etc. 

How This All Works 

You are ready to do this! You know how important it is to have beautiful, authentic family photos that make you smile every time you see it. Send me an email (see bottom of page) about your interest and some dates you are available. I will then email you back with confirmation of dates/times. 

Now that you are booked (some other points to ponder)

Locations - I live in the Bay Area right over the Golden Gate Bridge in Mill Valley, CA so there are lots of places in Marin and surrounding area to choose. The first place to consider is just your own sweet home. We will find the light by windows and doorways to showcase your own uniqueness. If outdoor is what you crave then lets put our heads together and figure out the best spot. Luckily, there are lots of options.. 

Clothing- I believe in wearing what makes you feel good. I don't like to give many guidelines in this area. I can tell you though that bold labels on clothes can be distracting, but if that is your thing than great. Wear it. I also think anything that makes you or your kids feel like they have to be constantly adjusting and pulling might be challenging for the shoot as well. Do you have a theme in mind? Awesome - just let me know. I am happy to give you my opinion on what you are thinking. 

Style - My family photograph style and approach is to find the authenticity, warmth, and connection of your family. I will take a variety of images in different combinations even the one of everyone smiling for the camera (that might feel a little done, but trust me, always important). I will do some directing as well as some hanging back letting the natural emotions flow.  I am completely open to your ideas too. Have you seen images of happy families making breakfast together on a Sunday morning and you find that appealing? Great! Let's discuss. Do you want to take it up a notch and do something more editorial like a family feature in Elle Decor? Cool. I love hearing your ideas and will discuss with you the possibility. 

Planning -  Before your booked date, we will schedule a time (or via email) to discuss all of the above and make sure we have a plan. That will be time to go over any important details that I should know ahead of time(i.e. my husband hates having his picture taken, is there anyway to not make me look old, my kids are a nightmare and will be challenging). The more that we can figure out before hand the more successful photo day will be. 

Stress -  Whatever I can do to ease your mind please ask me! I want the experience to feel fun and easy. If your kids are acting crazy during the shoot, don't worry! I got this. Just keep smiling. Don't ever worry about "wasting" my time or feeling bad if family members are not behaving the way you envisioned. I have never had a perfect shoot. Kids are kids (I have two of my own so I feel VERY familiar and can share my own stories) and I love to work with them. 

Advice - If you can take away one piece of advice, that is the more relaxed you feel about the experience during the shoot the more your kids and spouse will relax.  I will direct you into poses and will ask you to do things like look at each other, or give one another a big hug, or pretend you are talking to each another. The more you just let your natural emotions flow the more fun it will feel and the more authentic it will look. Give your son that kiss, play with your daughter until she belly laughs, close your eyes and take in the love of the moment. This is your beautiful family. Take this moment when you are all together without distractions and just let it be and feel the love. 

Post Session

So now I have taken all of these AMAZING photos of you and your family. Your kids were terrific, your spouse didn't dislike it as much as expected, even your dog got in the photo. What now! About 3 - 4 weeks after the session I will alert you that the photos are ready! We can either schedule a time to meet up in person to discuss all of the possibilities of ordering along with walking you through the online ordering system or I can just send you the link and away you go. The good news is I will also give you a discount of 30% that you can use for the first 15 days!! 



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